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Teen Nezssance Workshop 
Workshop specially designed to awaken the sense of smell and creativity.

Understand the importance of educating your nose and learning how to formulate a perfume. 

An olfactory and creative experience while having fun

- Discovery of the manufacturing steps with delivery of a booklet

- Olfactory games to discover olfactory families (Nose Games)

- Formulation of his Eau de Parfum with the real tools of the perfumer (organ of 26 notes, ...)

Description : 
For teens aged 11 to 15 
Creation of a tailor-made Eau de Parfum in 30 ml 
Duration of the workshop: 2h00 valid from Monday to Friday 
Price: 67.00 € 
All our formulas are respectful of the regulations in force. 
You can then recommend your perfume.

Offer a Workshop Ado Nezssance
A gift idea that has a nose !